Looking to add something extra into your business? We have two options for you.
Wholesale - For all businesses - This requires a minimum purchase of $250.00, it comes with tracking & insurance through USPS. Your delivery time will be roughly 1 - 2 weeks with a blackout period between December 15- 31 (No Wholesale Orders Available)
You will also receive 1 complimentary 12 x 12 display board shown below to display in your business. Additional boards can be purchased separately, they will have an extra shipping charge as they will be shipped separately. 
Commission Based Sales - This option is only available to storefronts. We will have a written contract stating the commission percentage the Consignee & Consignor have agreed with a possible monthly rental fee. Payment will be sent via E-Transfer on an agreed date every month. You will receive a full inventory list with every shipment and labeled/priced products. All shipping fees are Fiddle & Fox Co's responsibility. 

Please fill out our forum with a detailed inquiry. At the bottom please note your business name, location and contact information.

Thank you,
Lindsey Phillips
Owner of Fiddle & Fox Co